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Jeffrey Runge, Esquire

Selecting an Attorney is an easy process, if you know what you are looking for.  Do you want a hard working Attorney, with years of experience, who will get the job done correctly, all at an affordable rate?  Then look no further.


Simply contact me directly to discuss your situation.  It's that easy.  Call me at:


 Direct Telephone:  (603) 225-1135



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Attorney Jeffrey A. Runge is the President and CEO of FAMILYLEGAL. He is a well respected and recognized leader in the state of New Hampshire in the areas of Divorce and Family Law. He is a pioneer in making legal services more accessible to working-class individuals, staying true to a belief that everyone is entitled to quality legal representation when they need it.


Family Law 

As an experienced Divorce & Family Law attorney, Jeff knows what qualities are important in his professional area of legal practice.  Legal knowledge for sure, but also what he calls “intangible traits” that separate great lawyers from the pack.  “I believe my ability to communicate with others, and specifically my ability to have compassion for people, allows me to not only establish a great rapport with my clients, but also a relationship based on trust,” Jeff says. “Those two qualities combined strengthen my ability to help clients through very difficult and emotional times.” 


Jeff focuses his practice exclusively in the areas of Divorce & Family Law.  Both areas encompass some of the most difficult and emotional legal situations that individuals and families will ever face.  Currently, due to a number of factors, divorce is at all time high.   Jeff understands these situations and he is there to guide his clients through some of the darkest periods.


Indeed, such circumstances often require an understanding and compassionate attorney.  “Many of the individuals I meet with are facing the biggest problems you could imagine.  Their marriage is crumbling; there may be substance abuse, domestic violence, or infidelity.  These individuals need to know they are not alone.  I focus on establishing a partnership with my clients; we are a team and we fight together to accomplish their ultimate goals.”


A Realization Of A Dream

As a husband and Father, Jeff understands the importance of family.  He understands the importance of cooperative parenting to nurture the children and to preserve the framework of a coherent family post divorce.  With this understanding, he typically approaches his clients’ legal objectives with appropriate advocacy techniques.  However, when needed, he can be a tough negotiator and litigator for his clients.  “knowing how to approach these sensitive situations takes years of experience.  You have to understand people, their motives, and how and when to react properly.  This is not something you learn in law school, nor is this something you can necessarily be taught.  You can only obtain this knowledge through years and years of experience in handling these types of cases.”


Strong Advocacy Saves The Day

Jeff offers an initial Consultation at no charge.  He does this so individuals can meet with him to understand their options and determine if legal assistance is necessary.  He uses these Consultations to listen to the individual’s story, to identify their objectives, and, if necessary, to help them map out a legal strategy.  “Each client is different and each case is unique.  I take the time up-front to understand my clients’ position.  I sit with them at no charge initially to determine what is important to them in their particular case.  If they need an experienced advocate, I am there for them”, says Jeff.


He explains that, “each legal situation requires a different approach tailored to obtain my clients’ objectives.  I map out the strategy with my client so they feel comfortable with the direction and tone of the case.  I explain to my clients the need to develop an appropriate ‘tone’ depending upon the facts and circumstances of their case.”  Indeed, Jeff understands how to use finesse to accomplish client goals without alienating the other party and creating an overly hostile environment when it is unnecessary. 


For Jeff, the payback for his efforts is in the results he achieves for his clients.  “There is no better reward for my efforts than to have a happy client at the end of the case.  Whether it is getting my client custody of the child(ren), or possession of the marital home, or a greater share of the marital assets, nothing makes me more fulfilled professionally that to exceed my clients’ expectations.”     


The Start

Due to his proficiency in Family Law, Attorney Runge was appointed by the Governor of New Hampshire as Chairperson of a special Legislative Committee created to review the state's child support system. As a result of his efforts, serious gaps were identified, leading to the implementation of changes, and intended changes, in the system to protect adults and children affected by child support issues. Attorney Runge has also contributed to a number of other Legislative Committees relating to family law, divorce, child custody and child support. Additionally, he has participated in Legislative efforts to initiate new laws aimed at correcting unfair and unfavorable legal aspects of Family Law litigation.


As a trial lawyer, Attorney Runge has been involved with some very unique cases. While representing an "insider" in the President Clinton sex scandal, he was able to secure a considerable financial sum for his client's story of Presidential escapades. Attorney Runge's expertise was also sought when a young mother prepared to bring a paternity action against a well-known international rock star. In this case, Attorney Runge developed and implemented a strategy that allowed the woman to obtain a very favorable financial settlement without compromising her custodial rights or any time with the child. When it comes to protecting his clients' interests, Attorney Runge takes an aggressive stance. He has brought legal actions against billionaires, local and state police departments, fire departments, prosecutors, large companies, and even individual U.S. states.


Areas of Practice:

  • Divorce & Family Law

  • Child Custody & Parenting Plans

  • Modification and Contempt Issues

  • Child Support

  • Paternity

  • Alimony

  • Domestic Violence & Restraining Orders

  • Guardianship

  • Estate Planning


Bar Admissions:

  • New Hampshire Bar Association

  • New Hampshire Federal Bar Association

  • Massachusetts Federal Bar Association

  • Massachusetts Bar Association



Attorney Runge earned his B.S. from Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire in the area of International Business Administration. He earned his Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the Massachusetts School of Law in Andover, Massachusetts, where he was a member of their Law Review Editorial staff.  

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