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There is only one way to respond when faced with a Divorce or Family Law matter; take action and explore your options. Delaying, ignoring the situation, or doing nothing will only make your situation worse and may result in devastating consequences that could have been avoided in the first place with early professional consultation.



AFFORDABLE:  It doesn’t matter if you find a great Attorney if you simply can’t afford their services. We work hard to keep our fees affordable. We understand that you are going through a difficult and emotional time, and we do not want to add to this stress by charging sky-high fees. In fact, our fees are consistently below those of our competitors.  



At FAMILYLEGAL there are no ridiculous hourly rates or retainer fees. Our fees are designed to allow you to obtain immediate legal representation and protection of your rights and interests.


We have witnessed over the last several years that consumers are becoming smarter when shopping for a competent attorney. Many consumers now realize that the entire process can best be handled by a law firm that leads the industry in quality, experience and affordability. This realization has made FAMILYLEGAL one of the premier Divorce & Family Law providers in the area.


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CARING:  Nobody knows more about the effects of a Family Law issues than our experienced Divorce & Family Law Attorneys. As a premier Law provider in the area, we spend every hour of our working day helping individuals just like you who are facing the most difficult time of their lives. We understand the changes in your life that have resulted in your search for a Divorce & Family Law Attorney. We know about the arguments, the financial concerns, the deceit, the abuse, the effects on the children, and a large number of other factors that have made you consider finding an Attorney.


EXPERIENCEFAMILYLEGAL is probably one of the most sophisticated and experienced Divorce & Family Law firms in the area. Don’t be fooled by the competition. There are many recent law school graduates and other inexperienced attorneys practicing in the areas of Divorce & Family Law.  Divorce & Family Law can be a complex area of law that requires specific legal knowledge and experience. You may not want to risk your future, and your family’s future, on a rookie Attorney.


Stop worrying and wondering about your rights and options in dealing with this legal issue.  Call Our Office today and speak with an experienced Attorney that wants to help you.  It's you have nothing to lose.  We know that making this call is scary.  But, we are friendly, patient, and waiting for your call.


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You know you have questions.  You know you have concerns. We can answer your questions and address your concerns. Simply fill out the form and press the orange "Submit" button and a Representative will contact you to discuss your situation.


It's really that easy.


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You're lucky to hire this Attorney...just ask them.  They will tell you how lucky you are every time you talk to them.  And, with their sky-high prices you can afford them for about an hour.  Then what?  


Their focus is to bill you as much as possible to impress their boss and secure a path to making partner in the firm.  This is not what you want.



The lone attorney on the corner.  He's been practicing for years...but how much?  He never seems to be around.  He's never busy.  And, nothing ever gets done.  Just excuse after excuse.


Just because someone has been an Attorney for years does not mean they are a good at their job. This type of Attorneys has only a few clients...and still can't get the job done correctly.  This is certainly not what you want either.



We are hard-working, capable, and caring professionals.  Our Attorneys are like blue-collar workers in a white-collar profession.  We are ready to roll up our sleeves, work hard, to get you the results you desire.


We utilize the latest technology, service delivery systems, and expertise to better serve our clients. Our efficiencies allow us to offer highly experienced Attorneys at affordable rates.  Our only focus is on you, our client. We know we are lucky to have you as our client and we will work hard so you feel as lucky to have us.




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FAMILYLEGAL serves the state of New Hampshire from Divorce & Family Law offices in: Concord, NH, and; Dover, NH. Our New Hampshire Divorce & Family Law clients come to us from communities such as: Concord, NH; Manchester, NH; Laconia, NH ; Derry, NH; Londonderry, NH; Salem, NH; Nashua, NH; Tilton, NH; Plymouth, NH; Concord, NH; Portsmouth, NH; Rochester, NH; Somersworth, NH; Hampstead, NH; Boscawen, NH; Milford, NH; Pelham, NH; Kingston, NH; Epping, NH; Lee, NH; Goffstown, NH; Meredith, NH Merrimack, NH; Exeter, NH; Farmington, NH; Hampton, NH; Wolfeboro, NH; and all other towns in Merrimack County, Hillsborough County, Strafford County, Rockingham County, Belknap County, Coos County, Grafton County, Carroll County, and Cheshire County.


FAMILYLEGAL is a premier New Hampshire Divorce & Family Law Firm with licensed attorneys in New Hampshire.  J. Runge.  Primary Office:  141 Airport Road, Concord, NH 03301. Attorney Advertising.  The information contained in this website is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter. Laws are applied differently, both on a case-by-case situation and in every jurisdiction. Readers on this website, client or otherwise, should not act or refrain from acting on the basis of any content without seeking the appropriate legal advice based on your own particular facts and circumstances.  


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